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 Whatever For Hair  

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the hair care business by letting us help you achieve the look you desire.

Call in for a free appraisal of colours, styles and a price estimate.

Our hair stylists offer a wide variety of hair services to help you look your best, including:

Braids / Extensions
Braids are neatly formed ropes created by plaiting three (or more) strands of hair in a careful pattern.

Dreadlocks are not braids. Dreadlocks are essentially matted hair - a state some claim is the natural form of human hair. Some hair types dread better then others. The curlier or frizzier your hair, the easier it is.

Cornrows, also known as track braids or flat braids, are braids that lay against the scalp. Cornrows are made through a process of braiding and picking up hair along a row. They may be created using the person's own hair or through the use of hair extensions. Styles can range from simple to the extremely complex.

Human Hair Extensions
Do you have short or damaged hair and would like long or thicker, healthy hair with beautiful volume? If so, our high quality human hair extensions may be the answer for you.

Do you want to look like your favourite pop or movie star? Call in and see how we can help.

To make an appointment, give our friendly team a call on (08) 9227 9917 or contact us
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